Growing up, Kari Baumbach would revel at the stories her grandmother told of her childhood during the Great Depression. A favorite story was how, with little to no money for books, her grandmother once plucked a magazine page from inside a tumbleweed that contained the middle of a story. She gave the story a beginning and an end to entertain herself. That resourcefulness and creativity in order to “make do” during the hardest of times was the inspiration for AN APPLE FALLS AND LIGHTNING COMES, Kari's debut novel.


Kari holds a Master's degree in Writing for Children and Young Adults through Vermont College. 


One of Kari's favorite books when she was a young girl was Mary Norton's THE BORROWERS. Tiny Arrietty and her family live under the floorboards of a house and scavenge for what they need. A stack of matchboxes makes a chest of drawers. Arrietty and her family knew how to "make do" too.

Kari Baumbach