Easy Reader: Bornapelia Bunpot and her Smiling Dog: Try a New Leash

Bornapelia Bunpot is a humorous story for 6-8-year-old children about what happens when a girl with an unusual name, and a dog with an unusual expression, go out into the very usual world every day for a walk. On this day, Bornapelia tries out a new leash. A Walk-O-Matic. The leash is fifteen feet long, and all Bornapelia has to do is learn to push the leash case's button. It will only take a little practice -- unless something happens. And doesn't something always happen?

A “smiling dog” is a real thing, thought to be a submissive grin in some dogs. It is a behavior that can easily be misinterpreted. Is the dog angry? Does he feel guilty about something? All I know is that these dogs make me smile.

The completed story explores individuality, the subjectivity of “the eye of the beholder,” and the joys and consequences of room to roam.

What I'm working on.

Middle Grade Novel: Sanctuary Summer

A girl. A boy. And a lot of dogs.